When it comes to your engagement shoot, sometimes we think it is just suppose to be a typical shoot to show off your new beautiful ring and some spiffy outfits. Well, I believe there is much more too it than just going some where pretty and smiling for the camera. Your engagement shoot should help tell your story for everyone who is going to see the photographs. As well as your wedding day photos, your engagement photos will also be with you forever and will tell your legacy how it all happened. So don’t let your photographer just take you anywhere for the engagement shoot, tell the photographer your story. A photograph is nothing without the story. Here are some tips to help you communicate with your photographer, in order to capture the most beautiful emotion filled photographs of your life.


Tip 1: Shoot At A Meaningful LocationIMG_9066EDITEDIT

A lot of the time, couples will ask me “what are some good location we could shoot at?” and I’ll share some with them.. But I also share with them that I think it is more important to shoot somewhere that has personal meaning to them. Somewhere that carries sentimental value for their relationship and life walk together. Maybe the place you guys met, or the first place you went for a date.. The place where you knew you first fell in love with each other or the actual place your husband proposed! Even if it’s not a great looking location, it’ll carry so much more emotion and value just, from the fact that it is a part of what makes you guys, you.


Tip 2: You Don’t Have To Dress Formal (Unless You Are Into That Kind Of Stuff..)

For some reason when it comes time to shoot the engagement, everyone thinks they have to dress all super fancy.. Maybe it’s because they want the pictures to look extra good and clean since they are going to be around forever. Well, most of us don’t dress like that everyday and it doesn’t accurately represent you. I mean, if you dress like that and thats your thing, than by all means rock that suit and epic dress! We all have our own style though and we like to represent our interests and morals through our unique styles. So why not show all of that off! Show people what you stand for, don’t be afraid to let your personality show. Plus you’ll be all fancy on the big day of the wedding!


 Tip 3: Don’t Be Afraid To Be VulnerableIMG_2027 

Another thing I see a lot is photographers directing couples to do is to “smile at the camera” in every dang shot. Those shots are very important, don’t get me wrong, but how genuine is that for every photo? Are you and your mate constantly holding each other and looking off to the side just smiling straight at people? I highly doubt that haha, it would be a bit creepy.. So don’t be afraid to be yourselves! If your man is super goofy, then let him goof off.. Just make sure you reel him back in for the emotional moments haha. If you guys laugh a lot, then laugh away! Tease a little, show frustration at each other if you want, let your love and passion be seen! The photographer isn’t going to post overly personal photos, unless you guys look BOMB with some epic looking sun flare or something.. Who doesn’t want to be showed off like a couple of rock stars!


Tip 4: Make Sure You Hire An Equally Passionate Photographer

This is the last tip, but it is the most important one. If you have a photographer who is just trying to make some extra cash, then your vulnerability and love isn’t going to have much passion behind the camera and photograph. So don’t be afraid to communicate with your photographer. Yeah, there is a professional vibe in all of this, but we’re all humans with emotions. Don’t be afraid to connect with each other!



I’ve been blessed to be an San Diego wedding photographer, couples have took me to some beautiful spots for their engagement shoots!










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