websiteportraitMy name is Cameron Mackey and I am a wedding and freelance photographer based in Southern California. Some of the towns I cover are Redlands, Riverside, Temecula, Rancho, & all of Southern California! Im a boot wearing, motorcycle riding, easy going, old souled, adventerous, nature loving guy with a crazy passion for creativity! Im that weird guy that starts random conversations with strangers everywhere I go.. I have learned that there is a lot of beautiful experiences and wisdom to be gained by being able to put yourself out there to just try and connect with the stranger next to you.

When it comes to shooting weddings, I like to shoot them in a documental kind of way, while being able to keep it cinematic and artistic. As if I’m creating a timeline to tell a story of one of the most important days of two peoples lives. My main goal is to make you feel comfortable, as if there isn’t even a huge camera between my face and you. I try not to interject too much, I want you guys to be present in the moment, not focused on worrying about the photographs. Then when the formal shots come up, that’s when my helping hand of directing comes in. It’s an honor to be able to come and hangout on such an occasion, capture something to be remembered for a lifetime through photographs. This isn’t just “work” for me, it’s passion, life, and my soul.





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