My home away from home, the San Bernardino mountains! Everyone loves beach weddings, but I am a huge sucker for a mountain wedding. If I had the ability and knowledge, I would totally be a mountain man. I think I’ve watched too many movies haha. I grew up in Yucaipa, but would go to the mountains at least once a week with my dad. Fishing, hiking, camping.. all of that fun stuff. So being able to capture such a beautiful important day for two souls in the mountains is like my ultimate kind of wedding. I swear I am not that weird haha.

IMG_9288EDITWhether you decide to go with me or someone else to capture your big day, it’s important that you choose someone that you can see yourself in their work. There is so many different kinds of Big Bear Wedding photography, break down what your lifestyle is and what you represent and you’ll soon realize what kind of wedding photography is your style. Don’t be scared to ask a photographer if you guys can meet up to see if you can relate at all, you want to feel comfortable during your wedding. The more you can connect with a photographer, the more comfortable you’ll be able to feel in front of the camera. And the less you’ll stress!

Now with Big Bear being on of the most popular spots in Southern California, you can imagine all the awesome wedding venues that are available to you. The Jackrabbit Ranch and Resort, Bluff Lake Lodge,and the Gold Mountain Manor just to name a few, are all your timeless unforgettable atmospheres. Also be sure that you find a photographer that can handle the mountain weather, someone who is prepared to take some risks if needed! I believe it is important to keep the day fun and running smoothly, stress free!