IMG_8418Catalina Island is Southern California’s luxury island that still retains that authentic island feel without the traveling and expenses and all that stuff you think about when imagining a private island wedding! When looking for a Catalina Island wedding photographer, you can never go wrong when making sure their work shines in the outdoors. When having one of the most important days in your life on an island, you not only want to capture the memories of all the smiles and tears, but also of the atmosphere of the beauty Catalina offers. That’s how I try to look at every wedding, not just the details but also the whole vibe! You want your timeless photographs to just shout the atmosphere of that very day, being able to suck you right back into that very moment.

IMG_8444With all that said, searching through Catalina Island wedding photography can be over whelming when you notice all of the fantastic photographers that are available to you. We all have our own eye and look though, so you should find someone who shares that similarity with you. Its not always explainable, most of the time its just that feeling you get when you look at a photograph and you find yourself captivated. Above that though, it’s important to find someone that you can personally connect with. Your wedding day is going to be one of the most intimate personal days of your life that you share with friends and family. You don’t want some weird awkward photographer there making you feel creeped out haha. Do not be scared to set up a meeting with a few of the photographers you have in mind, see how you guys connect and if everyone is on the same page on what you want.

IMG_8920Some of the top wedding venues on Catalina Island are The Catalina Country Club, the Descanso Beach Club, and the glamorous landmark Catalina Casino. No matter where you decide to have your wedding, as long as its on Catalina Island, you won’t be disappointed. Again, just make sure you have your perfect photographer who can capture your personality through the wedding. Someone who can help create and represent who you guys are and what you stand for in your life. These photos will forever represent your story, past your lifetime, the value of them exceed time! So whether you are blessing me to come and hangout on your big day or someone else, make sure they get you guys, your story, and your future.