Taylor’s Cave

So I just upgraded all of my gear! I was dying to break it in so I hit up Taylor for a spur of the moment shoot. She ended up being in town and an hour later we were heading out to the desert! We worked with whatever clothes she had in her car and […]

Abandoned California Ranch Bridal Shoot

This Sunday morning I woke up to monsoon clouds rolling into town and the first thing that popped into my head was “photoshoot”. So I called up my favorite model @ericathaleaborg for a spur of the moment shoot at this beautiful 1800’s hog ranch in my hometown Yucaipa, CA. Being a wedding photographer based in Yucaipa is […]

Blayke Bridal Shoot

If you love the timeless nature of the gypsy culture and Americas western roots, then this bridal shoot will capture your eye! Something about the southwest will always captivate my imagination, as well as the free spirited nature of the gypsy culture. I admit, this is a little different from the typical bridal shoot, but it […]