Tips For Nervous And Shy Couples

After you get engaged you have all this time to plan your wedding. As the time counts down, the nerves, excitement, and ideas build up. You want the big day to be perfect and you start building up all this pressure on yourself and the lifting the expectations of the big day. You start over […]

Washington Trip!

I’ve been dying to visit the great Pacific North West.. But never thought I could make it happen anytime soon because of money and time and just.. I don’t know haha EXCUSES! So one day I was looking at hikes that I would do up there if I ever went.. and I just thought “JUST […]

Finding Your Wedding Style

What is wedding style? Some think it is just a theme to a wedding and others would describe it as an overall vibe that you want your wedding to have. Well I think it is all of the above and more. The style of your wedding can range from the type of food you serve […]

4 Tips For Planning Your Engagement Shoot

When it comes to your engagement shoot, sometimes we think it is just suppose to be a typical shoot to show off your new beautiful ring and some spiffy outfits. Well, I believe there is much more too it than just going some where pretty and smiling for the camera. Your engagement shoot should help […]

Life and Me

When starting this blog portion of my site, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to get super personal or keep it more on the “professional” side of things. Well, my wedding photography isn’t just something I do to make money. Everything I do, I do because I love it. I’ve never been good at […]