Corona is a great place to have an outdoor or indoor wedding. Its a huge family town with acres and acres of outdoor activities. It’s economy is one of the better ones in Southern California, leading to great upscaled venues. With such a successful community, there are a ton of Corona wedding photographers to choose from!

IMG_0240EDITCorona wedding photography can have all sorts of different looks from all the local options of photographers. You could never be unhappy with your photos if you choose someone who gets your visions, someones who’s eye matches up with your overall wedding vibe. Always trust yourself and your inner creativity, let the photographer do the hard work!

Whether you’re thinking about going with me or with another photographer, make sure your communication is clear with each other. A photographers best work is done when you allow them to capture what their natural eye see’s, so be sure that you guys are on the same page with each other on all the details! You can never go wrong with choosing a location in the charming family town of Corona.