With Costa Mesa being in the heart of one of the biggest wedding photography communities in Southern California, you have no reason to fear the big search! Yes sometimes it can come off a bit overwhelming, but if you keep in mind what your wedding style and lifestyle is then that should help narrow down the search. With Orange County being one of the biggest location for weddings, you have a full variety of Costa Mesa wedding photography to choose from.

IMG_1967The best advice I can give for finding the perfect Costa Mesa wedding photographer for you and your wedding is to go with your gut! It is going to be one of the greatest days in your life, you want someone who you can be comfortable with who won’t give you any bad vibes. In order for that to happen, you need someone you guys can connect with! Meet up with multiple photographers, get a feel for who they are and if you can relate to them. A photographers best work happens when everything is connecting, from the creative end all the way to the personal end.

As I was saying before, Costa Mesa is in the heart of one of the biggest wedding communities in California. The wedding venues choices near and around town are vast and full! Like the Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove, Surf & Sand Resort, and La Venta just to name a few near the area. As you can see you have everything from the beach to country escapes, a good wedding photographer will be able to work in any location. If you find a wedding photographer who has a certain kind of style, try to let them run free with it. Confining them to other peoples work will only hold down their ability to truly shine for your wedding photos. And the most important key to having a good relationship with your photographer, is to have communication with each other! Make sure everyone is on the same exact page.