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What is wedding style? Some think it is just a theme to a wedding and others would describe it as an overall vibe that you want your wedding to have. Well I think it is all of the above and more. The style of your wedding can range from the type of food you serve and the plates you serve them on all the way down to the venue and its location itself. It’s more than just “are you traditional or modern?” though those questions are very important, there are many other things to ask yourself. Don’t be afraid to do something new and different, something that you guys might love but your guest might share different opinions. This day is your day and it is going to be one of the most rememberable days in your life, so make it count! That doesn’t mean you have to go broke either.. just because an option might be cheaper, doesn’t mean the value of it is less to you and your fiancé. And thats what every choice comes down to, value. Here are some questions to ask yourselves in order to help you find your own wedding style.


Zavala-138Question 1: What is your lifestyle foundations?

Like I said above, the question “are you traditional or modern?” isn’t the main thing to focus on, but it is the roots of your wedding days foundation! Are you modern or traditional? Maybe you’re a mixture of both and also have your own independent views on life. Does your lifestyle feed off of travel and adventure? Are you country or do you find comfort in the city? What hobbies help define you? You get it. All the things that make you guys who you are and what all your friends and family know as your pursuit of happiness.


Question 2: What are your wedding day necessities? 

There is a huge difference between our necessities in life and our necessities for a wedding. A necessity in the every day America life is something that we need in order to live like a civilized human being. A necessity for a wedding could be something as simple as a certain kind of flower that you must have.. That might end up being one of the more expensive options, but it was the very first flower you fiancé ever gave you. Something that small to everyone else, means the world to you and thats okay. It is all the little things that add up to make your wedding day closer to perfection.


Question 3: What are your timeless values in each others lives?

Zavala-117Write down all the things in your guys lives that you will forever value. Put all of those values into your big day and let them flourish! It doesb’t matter if they’re small or silly, involve them into your day. A Southern California wedding photographer knows their job is to capture this atmosphere that your wedding day is going to represent. An atmosphere that is all about you and your guys future together. Putting yourself, your morals, and everything you stand for in life is what is going to make your guys wedding day YOURS!




There is no such thing as “universal perfection”, it is defined differently to every individual person, so don’t be scared to express yourselves on the big day.



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