Hemet is another one of those charming towns in the Inland Empire with great surroundings for your special day. Im an outdoorsy guy, so with Hemet offering so many outdoor activities, I tend to gravitative towards it. And on another personal note, Hemet is home to one of the lakes that I love to go fishing at, Diamond Valley Lake! But back to the Hemet wedding photography!

When looking for a Hemet wedding photographer, it can sometimes get overwhelming from all the choices you have from the saturated community of photographers. The Inland Empire is full of creatives from all walks of life, so it’s important to find someone who you can relate too. Who you can see yourself for a lifetime in the way they shoot. It’s one of the biggest days in your life, you are going to want someone there who you can be one hundred percent comfortable with. When it comes to these kind of things, I believe its always best to follow your gut!

With Hemet being such an attractive town economy and living wise, you can imagine all the wedding venues near and around the area. Some wedding venues near Hemet are the Falkner Winery, Villa De AmoreVilla De Amore, and the Temecula Hills Winery. I do favor outdoor weddings, so as you can see, there are so many outdoor wedding venues in Hemet. Along with these great outdoor locations, there is also a beautiful mix of rustic and urban indoor locations as well! So whoever you decide to go with to photograph you Hemet wedding, make sure that they communicate well and are able to connect with you on a personal level rather then them just treating it like just another weekend. Cause after all, this day only happens once, lets make it one to remember!