One of the most upscaled and private lakes in Southern California is Lake Arrowhead. Known for its celebrity residence and its beautiful peaceful atmosphere. I’ll be honest, I’ve spent my years trying to sneak in to try and do a little fishing because of how beautiful it is there! All of that being said, it is one of my favorite lakes in the Inland Empire. Whether its for fishing, hiking, or Lake Arrowhead wedding photography.

Zavala-138If you’re choosing the beautiful Lake Arrowhead as your wedding location, get ready to get the right Lake Arrowhead wedding photographer that knows their way around the great outdoors! Wedding photography isn’t just about clicking a button, specially when it comes to natural lighting in the outdoors. Capturing perfect moments in natural light is an art form in itself. An art form that I hold closely, to keep that natural, raw, authentic emotion behind a photograph, cause without that it would just be another photograph.

Decades down the road, you will look back at your wedding photos and will get sucked right back into that moment. Falling in love all over again, all because of one certain photograph. Lake Arrowhead is one of those unforgettable places that will never fade away, a timeless place that will capture your memories forever. I would love to be able to capture those memories, to forever keep it vivid in your life!