When starting this blog portion of my site, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to get super personal or keep it more on the “professional” side of things. Well, my wedding photography isn’t just something I do to make money. Everything I do, I do because I love it. I’ve never been good at forcing myself to do things that I had no passion for. So my wedding photography is a part of me, it’s a passion in my life. So why not get a little personal!


I think one of the key characteristic in living a truly happy life is to have courage, to have the courage to be yourself.

Now to have courage to be yourself, you first have to find yourself. We tend to over complicate everything in our lives, leaving our thoughts lost in a haze. It’s really quite simple though if you ask me. In your life, what makes you happy? And I’m not talking about having to intake a substance or any of that junk. But what makes you, you?

For me, it’s reaching the top of a hike and even though my body is exhausted, I still feel a sense of weightlessness overcome me physically. Seeing a new view or a same view but in a different way, that makes me smirk and node out of appreciation for nature. Spending all morning at a lake thinking I’m not going to catch anything, until a fish bites on for the last cast, bringing me some odd type of adrenaline. Or simply saying hi to a stranger and seeing them light up with joy to hastily start a brief conversation. Being adventurous enough to attempt to connect my imagination with my hands. And the last one, having coffee and breakfast with a friend, family member, or lover and subconsciously basking in the simple fact that we’re alive in each others company (My grandma and dad planted that seed in me haha).

It’s the simple things in life that makes us who we are. Everything else is just some fake meaning of life that society has planted in our heads to be “accepted”. Just be yourself, life is too vast and beautiful to just conform your mind and spirit.

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