One of the most important parts of your big day, is the photography. You put all of your hard work, time, and money into this one special day. You want to be able to capture it all for a lifetime, so you can look back years down the road and get sucked right back into the moment. Having the perfect Long Beach wedding photographer will help make that happen!

IMG_1623I think most Californians would agree that Long Beach is one of the most classy beaches in Southern California. Every time I visit Long Beach I can tell it is one of the most popular beach locations to have your wedding, cause of all the weddings you see going on! Long Beach wedding photography is one the most tranquil and natural places to shoot. It is almost impossible to get a bad set oh photos when shooting there, specially when shooting on the beach!

With Long Beach being one of the top wedding destinations in So Cal, you can imagine all the beautiful wedding venues there are to choose from. From ocean front estates to pristine canyon golf courses, here are some of the top venues; The Ranch at Laguna Beach, 7° [seven-degrees], and La Casa del Camino. All super beautiful locations that will leave you with the most beautiful timeless memories.