One of the first things you think about when planning your wedding is the photography. You start to imagine what your wedding is going to look like, how the day is going to go, flustered with excitement. Well, you’re going to want the perfect Moreno Valley wedding photographer to capture exactly what you see for the big day. With Moreno Valley being so large of a town, you are going to realize all the awesome choices you have for Moreno Valley wedding photography.

IMG_2010I always say, the most important part of choosing the perfect wedding photographer is choosing someone who’s work lines up with exactly what you imagine for your own wedding. You don’t want to get a photographer and ask them if they can shoot a certain way thats different from their true eye, cause that never really works out honestly. Go with your gut, trust your eye.

Some of the top wedding venues in and near Moreno Valley are the Riverside Art Museum, the Benedict Castle, and the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa. With such prestigious choices, you’ll want to make sure all the communication between you and the photographer is crystal clear. You could put ten different photographers in one location and we would all have different looking photos. So whether you are choosing me or a different wedding photographer, feel free to express your creativity. These photos will represent one of the most important days of your life, your lifestyle, and will stand the test of time. Tell your story!