IMG_9866EDITFinding a wedding photographer doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem sometimes. When looking for a Murrieta wedding photographer, you will find out that there is more than enough options to choose from. With Murrieta being so close to San Diego and Temecula, there is a very beautifully saturated community of wedding photographers. The upside to having an overwhelming selection is being able to narrow it down to the perfect photographer for you special day.

IMG_0240EDITI have always believed in going with your gut, specially when it comes to the creative side of things like this. When looking through Murrieta wedding photography, you want to be able to picture yourself in the images. Being able to see if it that photographers work best represents your lifestyle and what you stand for in life. You also want someone there who you can be one hundred percent comfortable around, as if they are just an old friend of yours showing up to hangout on the big day! Of course we are there to work hard, but we like to ease the atmosphere for what sometimes can be a very hectic day.

So whether you are deciding to let me come hangout on one of the most important days of you lives, or someone else, just go with your gut!

Now with Murrieta being such a beautiful booming town, as well as being surrounded by other charming towns, you can picture all the awesome venues available for you and your partner. Here are some just to name a few, like the South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, Wiens Family Cellars, and the Falkner Winery. I am a huge outdoorsman so I do favor outdoor weddings, but whoever you decide to go with, make sure they are prepared to handle any kind of forks in the road. The best way to figure this out is to meet up with the photographs that you have in mind, to see if you can make a creative and personal connection of being on the same page.