Horse Town USA! One of my favorite town in Southern California. People say California doesn’t know country.. Well come to Norco and we’ll prove you wrong. I wear my boots everyday, so a country wedding is my perfect excuse to not have to wear those uncomfortable dress shoes haha. And one of the best parts of a crossing wedding is the music! I actually write country music! Well try to write that is.. haha. I was born and raised in Yucaipa, so as you can see I’m no stranger to the country vibe Norco Wedding photography gives.

Zavala-55I think one of the most important factors in finding the right Norco wedding photographer is being able to relate. A lot of the time people just hire on a photographer without putting too much thought into it, well that honestly won’t give you the best photos. A photographer captures all your vulnerability and has a big ol camera between them and you. You want someone that you can not only creatively connect with, but personally as well. These photographs are going to forever represent one of the biggest days in your life, you want them to reflect who you guys are and what you stand for in life. A photo can make one moment, small or big, last forever. Every time you take a glance at that photo on your dresses or the one hanging on your wall.. you want it to be able to give you that sensation of being sucked right back into that very time and place.

IMG_2101With all the being said, it truly is a huge stress reliever being able to see your photographer not as an intrusion but as a guest. And in order to get that vibe, you must be able to connect with one and another. Another huge stress reliever is having the perfect wedding venue! a few venues I can think of in or near town are the Wedgewood Indian Hills, The Veranda at Green River, and the The Crestmore Manor. Lots of cool outdoor venues as well as indoor locations. And the more country the better for me! And I’ll leave you off with this last bit of advice, create a firm foundation of communication! If your perfect photographer, you can just let them do their thing, but it’s okay to still butt in a little. After all, it is your big day!