The first wedding I ever shot was in Palm Desert! I even forgot my tripod at the Gold Resort that the wedding was held at, finally got it back a year later. There’s something charming about the desert, it could be its Americana sunsets or it could be the fact that it can look like a different planet sometimes. Whatever it is, it has a lot of authenticity in every direction you look. It definitely is an unforgivable place, from its high end classy resorts to its spiritual landscapes.


When looking for a Palm Desert wedding photographer, be sure it is someone who can work with unlikeable lighting conditions. I always say “A good photographer is a good problem solver.”. I grew up 30 minutes from the desert and I have been apart of the fashion photography community for a couple years now. Its allowed me to develop a unique look that uses the harsh desert lighting to its advantage! Palm Desert wedding photography is honestly one of my favorite locations to shoot, it is where a lot of my inspiration comes from for photography.

Some of the top wedding venues in Palm Desert are Monterey Country Club, Palm Valley Country Club, and the Desert Falls Country Club. When choosing a venue, make sure you have full communication with your photographer. It’s important that they know exactly what your vision is, that way they can best suit your needs. You could always ask your wedding planners and venues on photographer recommendations too! Why am I giving you all these tips? Because I want you to be as happy as possible when choosing your wedding photographer in Palm Desert, whether that is me or someone who’s creativity is more of a better match with your vision.