San Bernardino is one of the largest towns in Southern California, so you can imagine how many options you have for wedding photography and venues. From the gorgeous snow topped mountains all the way down to the desert, you have more than you need! There is also an abundance of fantastic photographers in the community, so its always safe to go with your gut.

A lot of couples actually will communicate with their San Bernardino wedding photographer about locations, after all.. we do know all the best locations! It is also a good idea to have your photographer go an scout the location before the wedding. Scouting the location will help you and the photographer run things smoothly on the big day!

It can sometimes be hard to choose the right photographer, just remember to trust that feeling you get deep down when looking at someones work. What truly matters is if the photographers natural eye lines up with what you’re envisioning for your wedding. Remember, these photographs are going to last your lifetime and beyond. You can never go wrong with timeless San Bernardino wedding photography.