San Diego, need I say more? Everyone knows about San Diego, and pretty much anyone who lives in Southern California loves it! It has its own unique Pacific charm, a mix between down to earth vibes and classy characters. Where else could you have an ocean view from a mountain top?! All the way down to the urban downtown setting, you have more than enough options for choosing a wedding location.

Zavala-26-27-2We’re talking about San Diego wedding photography here though. With there being so many options and atmospheres, it can be hard to choose a photographer that best represents your overall wedding theme. The best thing to do, is to go with your gut! I believe that “gut feeling” is something a little deeper and spiritual than just your gut. There are a ton of different San Diego wedding photographers to choose from, choose the one that can best support the way you live or want to live, life.

Remember, your wedding photos are going to surpass a lifetime of friends and family. Which brings me to the number factor I believe in with all photography, timelessness. Image 60 years into the future, you pull out your wedding photos, they hold so much memory and passion, and truth. You want to be able to get sucked right back into that moment, all from the photograph. Any San Diego setting will allow that, you can’t go wrong with its timeless charm.