I am a huge mountain guy. Grew up doing lots of camping, hiking, and fishing and still keep it all going till this day. So any chance I get to do a wedding in the mountains is a blessing, it’s the kind of atmosphere that I am most comfortable in. San Jacinto seems to be a bit of a hidden gem, which is sad because it truly is a beautiful mountain. I’ve done some horse back riding up there and some fishing as well, and it is a nice escape from the local dry land down the hill. Enough about me though, I know you won’t regret having your wedding on such a beautiful mountain!

Zavala-132When looking for a San Jacinto wedding photographer, it is safe to say that you have more than enough options. From Palm Springs to Redlands you have a flood of fantastic photographers to choose from. The important thing to remember is to go with the one who you find relates best with you, artistically and personally. Why artistically? Because these photographers will forever represent one of the most important days of your lives. You want someone who has the kind of work that you can imagine yourself in, that tells people who are and what you stand for. Now the reasons why you relate personally with your photographer. This is a personal day for you, full of friends and family, you don’t want someone there who is kinda off beat from you and your families atmosphere. It adds this awkwardness that sometimes can show through a photo. You want someone that you can connect with, that can make you feel at ease and comfort every time the camera comes up to cover their face. 

All of this will help ease the stress on the big day and the San Jacinto wedding photography. I like to blend in while being able to pop up and have you not even notice me because I’m not just some awkward guy with a camera haha. Another thing that helps relieve some stress on your wedding day is having the right venue! The Hearts Home Farm, The Country Club at Soboba Springs, and Crystal Rose Weddings just to name a few of the venues in and near town. With San Jacinto being a smaller town some of the venues don’t have a strong online presence, so partner up with your wedding planner to find out about more possible options. Whoever you decide to choose for your wedding, be sure to have that strong communication with each other so everyone is on the same page on what needs to be captured!