Santa Barbara is probably one of the most beautifulest and natural yet upscaled coastal towns in Southern California. You have everything from the mountains to the beach and all the beautiful scenery in between. It is one of the most popular and romantic places to have your wedding.

IMG_9866EDITWhen having a wedding in Santa Barbara, you’re going to want to have the perfect photographer to capture the lifetime of memories. Now that doesn’t always mean the most expensive or the most known Santa Barbara wedding photographer, but the best wedding photographer who carries your same values and visions. Nothing can fulfill the timeless nature of a photograph like having someone who can capture who guys truly are from your story, all the way into your future.

There is a ton of beautiful wedding locations in Santa Barbara, like the the Villa Casa Bella, Santa Barbara Zoo, and the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. Having so many beautiful options allows for beautiful Santa Barbara wedding photography, just be sure to have a good sense of communication with your photographer. Doing so will help with keeping the big day relaxing and stress free!