After you get engaged you have all this time to plan your wedding. As the time counts down, the nerves, excitement, and ideas build up. You want the big day to be perfect and you start building up all this pressure on yourself and the lifting the expectations of the big day. You start over thinking every little aspect, basically torturing yourself with excitement! I’m not say this is a bad thing, but it definitely will build some tension up for yourself.

I’ve worked with a lot of couples who have expressed their fears to me about being in front of the camera. Not always verbally, but it’s sometimes obvious by their body language. It’s part of my job to defeat those fears you have and to make you feel comfortable every time that big fancy camera gets between you and me. But there are also a couple of things you could do to help yourself to relax and get over those common worries.

First: Find The RIGHT Photographer

The best photographer for you isn’t always the most expensive photographer or the most popular photographer.. Or even the most fanciest photographer (you know who I’m talking about.. the ones with 3 huge cameras strapped all over their body, with a herd of photo assistance following them around). No, the best photographer for you is the one who makes you feel the most comfortable. Setup a meet up with a photographer before you decide to book them. Take them out to coffee and see if you guys all get along. You want to be comfortable around them, as if they’re were just another guest at your wedding.

Second: Be Yourselves!

I know you’ve spent hours and hours on Pinterest looking through poses and wondering how the heck you could pull those off. Which is cool, practice those poses, be prepared to do them. (Make sure to show your photographer the photos before hand so they can get an idea on how to set them up.) But those shot you’re looking at that look so natural and packed full of emotions are unique for that very reason.. It was a true moment captured in time. So don’t be scared to be yourselves, the right photographer will know how to capture it.

Third: HAVE FUN!!!

That’s it. Just have fun guys!! Don’t over think it so much. Go with the flow of it, let us the photographers deal with the tensions of capturing your photos.

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