When it comes to planning your big day in Victorville, no doubt one of the most important things is the Victorville wedding photography! You wedding photos will forever represent one of the most important days in your life. You want them to represent you and your life accurately, you want the photos to tell your story without you having to say a word. Having the RIGHT photographer is the only way you can accomplish that.

Now when I say the “right photographer” I do not mean the most known or most expensive or the fanciest. What I mean is who fits, relates, and gets what you see for your big day. There are a ton of Victorville wedding photographers, and we all have our own unique work. You want someone who has work that fits your eye and your lifestyle. Do you like the cinematic style like mine? Or maybe the bright and clear look? What about the fancy lit stuff? There is so much to choose from, if you start to get overwhelmed by all the choices just trust your gut!

The desert has always been on of my favorite places to shoot, whether its sand dunes or cracked up dirt, I love it all! It has this dreamy ethereal quality to it that makes you feel at ease, unless the heat is boiling the sweat off your body haha. Victorville and surrounding towns actually have a lot to offer when it comes to wedding venues. Spring Valley Lake Country Club, Boulder Creek Ranch, and the San Moritz Lodge just to name a few. Just remember, wherever you decide to have your wedding at and whoever you deicide to capture you wedding, be sure to have a strong sense of communication! The communication, the less stress.